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Permanent Makeup Correction

Color & Shape Correction of Cosmetic Permanent Makeup

If you have permanent makeup that has faded to an unnatural color or is not as lovely as you thought it would be, then we specialize in the correction and/or the removal of permanent makeup. Both shape and color errors that have resulted from treatments carried out elsewhere, can be fully lightened, removed, or just lightened in some areas to help achieve the shape you are looking for.

We have corrected many clients’ lip liners and eyebrows that have changed to colors such as salmon pink, orange, khaki, grey, and blue following procedures carried out in various areas in the country. In fact, nearly 25% of our work is color and shape correction or lifting out the pigment and lightening old pigment from years ago.

We always use very high-quality pigments and needles and will never cut costs on these essential tools of the trade.

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Permanent Cosmetics offers FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultations so why not book one today to see what we can do for you?

If you have had permanent makeup before and you are not happy with the results for various reasons such as black, purple, pink, or red brows, ink blotches, color bleeding or blowout, black, blue-purple, or violet lips, color change, fade out or just need a touch-up, contact us to see if it can be corrected, removed, or improved.

Contact us today and book your appointment if you need us to correct any permanent makeup mistakes for you.

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